Frequently Asked Questions

What does Zen and Mindfulness have to do with our coaching ?

Zen is an ancient philosophical framework that provides a highly effective self-questioning methodology.

Mindfulness is a practice of heightened inward and outward awareness that is also a highly effectie means of self-discovery.

We have incorporated both these closely related concepts into our coaching methodology because we believe, understand and practice these principles ourselves, and because we do not know of another transformative strategy that is more effective, gentle and lasting.

How do the Zen Mind Life Centre programs differ from other coaching programs?

Our service differs from conventional coaching in that it is guided self-discovery. While the process is both structured and intentional, it is not prescriptive. It is highly adaptable to individual needs, and provides you with the foundations of self-knowing that will help you get the most out of other programs. We seek to restore inner strength, nurture self-recognition and create clarity.

While our extended programs provide you with strategic and tactical support to implement your personal vision, they always start with this foundational inquiry journey.

Is Zen Mind Life Centre coaching the same as Life Coaching?

We call our flagship program “Guided Self-Discovery”. We do however also offer life-coaching in a more traditional sense, but it is only available to our clients once they have completed Soul Compass. The Life Coaching is generally based around targeted activities to achieve specific lifestyle outcomes and builds on teh foundations of Soul Compass.

While ultimately all coaching aims to improve your life experience, the methods by which we achieve this at the Zen Mind Life Centre allow us to make our service very personalised, healing and to “go deep”.

I already have a life coach. How is this going to help me?

Soul Compass is an excellent compliment to your life (and any other) coaching program and will massively increase what you get out of your other coaching.
Life coaching methodologies work well when a number of assumptions and pre-requisites are met. These are mostly made up of the “soft stuff” like knowing yourself fully, knowing your personal barriers and limiting beliefs, embodying an authentic self-image and many more. Our guided self-discovery targets this aspect of personal development and self-discovery before we move on to the more conventional stuff. If you are already working with a life coach, let us know, and we will work with you and them to maximise your results.

My life is already great – How can this help me?

That depends on many factors. No life is perfect and nothing we will do with you will make it more so. But we have learned that our definition of a great life is not affected by what we have in our lives but by what we are unaware that is missing. Chances are that if you are reading this then you already sense that there is something fairly significant that that we can help you with.

I already feel I know myself – why do I need this “soft stuff”?

The “soft stuff” is open ended, meaning there is always room for improvement. Our experience has shown us that these are a very common missing link. Our programs start out by helping our clients get to the essence of their personal authenticity, and develop a deep understanding of themselves. This has a massive impact on confidence, quality of relationships, and personal sense of fulfillment.

I feel I am exhausted/disillusioned/headed for (career) burnout. Should I take this on?

Yes. Helping people avoid a “crash” is one of our most deeply passionate ambitions. The cost of burnout to individual lives, families, business and the economy is heartbreaking, enormous, and on the increase worldwide. You are not alone. This is your ride. While we can’t always guarantee miracles, we will work our hardest to make a big positive difference in your life. We recommend that you come and speak to us as soon as possible.

Our goal is to help you find (and get on) your right track before you can fall into the rapidly growing community of burnt-out and exhausted souls.

I have strong faith/religious and spiritual values. Is this going to create a conflict of faith?

No. We cater and respect your religious beliefs. In fact we can say from past experience that a deepening of faith is often a side-effect of our work. It is about you discovering you, not us.

What has Zen got to do with the coaching?

While Zen has has some – mostly historical – religious aspects, Zen is a deep questioning in process that is anchored in mindfulness. In essence it is actually religiously neutral. This process of asking and listening, combined with mindfulness exercises is a core part of our programs and instrumental to how we can consistently achieve the great results for our clients.

You only take on a limited number of clients – why?

The work we do with our clients is emotionally intense for them and also for ourselves. In order for us to be able to perform at our best we need to keep ourselves fresh and attentive. The work we do for you goes well beyond the face-to-face sessions, and we have figured out this is the optimal balance.

You are booked out – how can I get onto one of the personal programs?

We work out placements on first in-best dressed. We generally have a six-week turnaround, so once you have confirmed your booking you will be scheduled to the first available time-slot. Of course we will always do our best to allocate a time-slot that works for you.

Can I change my session time? It is hard for me to get to the sessions at the available scheduled time.

We will discuss the most convenient times for you and do our best to allocate a time that suits you before we start. It is sometimes possible to change time-slots after you have started, but it is subject to the requested new slots being available.

Can I have my sessions out-of-hours?

Limited spots for out-of-hours sessions can be booked on request when available. Keep in mind that these are at premium pricing, and subject to venue availability.

Can I do the program one session at time?

No. Or programs are carefully developed to run for a minimum number of sessions in order to work through the focus topics, give you time to process the information, and carry out home-work. While each session is powerful on its own, the full value and transformational power comes from the complete set of sessions.

How much time should I allocate outside of the coaching sessions?

Most sessions will have a follow-up activity, but these are simple and are easily completed within 15 minutes per day, but that can vary considerably depending on your focus.

Can I have my coaching session at my office/house/other location?

We run our coaching primarily in a meditation room as we have discovered what a significant role the space plays on our clients’ sense of sanctuary and well-being during the sessions. We have deliberately stopped hosting our one-on-one sessions in corporate and office spaces, and consider this an important aspect of our programs.

Have you ever refused coaching to someone after your initial free consultation?

Yes. On some occasions we have identified that our offering is not what the person needs at that time, or there is another reason why we may be unable to help them. Sometimes a different set of expert help is required. In these cases we are always happy to recommend other coaching or support. We also do not want to put anyone in unreasonable emotional or financial distress.

Could not find the answer you were looking for?

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